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The X Dating Simulator pays a visit to JerkDolls


Greetings, friends: I know – it's been a while since I wrote a game review, but I'm excited to tell you all about Jerk Dolls and why I believe this 3D title is one of the most promising examples of rendered erotic gameplay available. Everyone knows that X Dating Simulator has been at the forefront of world-class sex games for an extended period of time, and as such, I only bring you the creamiest goods from the hottest developers. Will JerkDolls receive a stamp from me, or is this a clear-cut case? Continue reading: I'll let you know what my full thoughts are soon enough!


Joining JerkDolls

In February 2020, Jerk Dolls officially released its closed beta title. Right now, you can sign up and play the game for free, but the game will eventually transition to a revenue-generating model, most likely a freemium model (more details on that later). Account creation is as simple as providing a password and an email address: it doesn't get much simpler than that, does it? X Dating Simulator prefers simple solutions to online pornographic gaming, and this is one of them. Those places that take an eternity to join are awful, which is why I'm relieved that JerkDolls is completed in a matter of seconds.


The title possibilities for JerkDolls

Thus, JerkDolls offers a variety of gameplay options. To begin, they do have a mobile edition that is not app-based – I haven't played it, but the screenshots appear to be reasonable. If you're using a desktop computer, you can play JerkDolls directly in your browser or via a download. What's really cool about this is that the two options are virtually identical, except for the fact that the browser option is limited to 1080p, whereas the download option supports 4K. The servers were lightning fast: I was able to download the entire game in about three minutes, despite my connection being limited to 18 MB/s. Installation was simple, and JerkDolls does not require an active Internet connection to play – cool!


JerkDolls Options

One of my favorite aspects of JerkDolls is the versatility with which you can create characters. We all have an image in our heads of the ideal chick, correct? JerkDolls, on the other hand, truly assists you in achieving your dream broad: you'll have over 100 different options and buttons to experiment with. Maintain control over your height, weight, body shape, tattoos, nose width, toe length, skin tone, and hair color, among other things. You have a virtually infinite number of possible combinations to experiment with – that's pretty cool in my opinion! Not that also includes pre-designed selections if you're not in the mood to create. They even have a few 3D models themed after pornstars and celebrities, which means you can freely fuck Megan Rain, Taylor Swift, and Pokimane.


The gameplay of JerkDolls

While this is technically a game, there is no narrative or plot to explore. There are a few scenes that can be skipped, but the basic premise is to create the woman of your dreams and then fuck her however you please. You'll discover an array of settings and backdrops for your adventures, which is quite cool. We're talking about multimillion-dollar apartments, private jets, warehouses, public restrooms, and shanty town prisons. also includes a variety of different positions and speed modes for you to experiment with. They include an extensive oral sex feature, as well as a 'cumshot camera' for when you're ready to blow your load. Numerous alternative fetishes are available here, such as gloryhole sex, fucking machines, gangbangs, and footjobs.


My concluding remarks on JerkDolls

Consider this, friends: I rarely come across free sex simulation games like JerkDolls, so I believe it goes without saying that X Dating Simulator will give this particular spot a full recommendation. I've spent a long time uncovering some of the hottest gaming hotspots around, and I truly believe that everyone will fall in love with JerkDolls when they give it a try for the first time. Bottom line: head over to right now and create a free account. You're going to adore this XXX simulation game – that much is certain!

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